MCT oil is energy in the purest form

The abbreviation MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and means something like medium-chain triglycerides. Such triglycerides are, for example, capric and lauric acids, which are also present in the well-known coconut fat and palm kernel oil.
This MCT oil is energy in its purest form. The fats it contains are immediately converted by the body, which takes place in the liver. There they are converted into ketone bodies and transported via the blood to the mitochondria - the power plants of the cells. Furthermore, these ketone bodies are good for the brain and, according to studies, have many benefits for the brain as a source of energy. They also contain stable building blocks for the cell membranes within our body. By converting the fats immediately, the body cannot store them, so the body has to fall back on its own reserves. These reserves cannot then be replenished. Because of these facts, MCT oil is perfect as a cooking oil and is good for our body.

Another advantage is that MCT oil is said to be 6 times stronger than coconut oil. However, products such as MCT oil are often cheaper and of poorer quality in order to make a lot of money at the expense of the user. These cheap MCT oils usually contain a poor ratio of triglycerides and often contain hardly any caprylic acid or capric acid. The problem here is that these fatty acids are the valuable ones that make the MCT oil what it is. One tip is therefore to pay attention to a high content of caprylic and capric acids in order to avoid the cheap traps of the industry.

MCT oil is also easy to digest, as the short-chain saturated fatty acids are extremely stable to oxidation. This means that the body can metabolize them well. Another positive effect is that the oil promotes a longer-lasting feeling of satiety.

As MCT oil is a suitable cooking oil and a specialist among vegetable oils, it can also be used for cold dishes and cooking processes up to 120°. This is because the ideal blend of fatty acids is perfect for things like Bulletproof Coffee, tasty smoothies and shakes.
The industry has already noticed this and uses MCT oil in food production, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Due to the low energy content of MTC oil, it is also very suitable for diet products and sports nutrition. It can also be used in food supplements and diabetic nutrition.

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In conclusion, MCT oil can only be recommended and is particularly popular in the diet sector.

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