About the island with the fountain of youth

It cannot be pointed out often enough: Our diet is altogether too acidic!
And that has manifold health consequences, one of which is dying too early. That this is so has long been confirmed to us by the "Island of the Centenarians". The exceptionally high life expectancy of the inhabitants of Okinawa is clearly the result of the presence of the Sango sea coral only on this island. Thus, this coral deserves our full attention, because it stands out in a special way from the long and sometimes unmanageable series of mineral preparations on the market. But one after the other:

The base of the "island of the centenarians" is the Sango sea coral

Only around the Japanese island of Okinawa is the Sango Sea Coral found. Geographically, we are about halfway between the larger Japanese southern island of Kyushu and Taiwan. Okinawa is part of an island arc that separates the East China Sea from the Pacific Ocean to the east. Located at about the 26th parallel, the narrow island, about 70 km long, is only 300 km north of the Tropic of Cancer and at about the same latitude as Gran Canaria. The relatively warm ocean is a prerequisite for corals to feel comfortable and thrive here at all.

As early as the 1950s, the whole world heard the glad tidings of the remarkably strong health of Okinawans, with the astonishing result that most of the fortunate islanders can easily celebrate their hundredth birthday. The usual civilization diseases such as cancer, stroke or heart attack were and are virtually unknown on Okinawa. The Japanese scientist Someya dealt intensively with this phenomenon and pursued the question of the special difference between Okinawa and other regions of Japan. As a result, he was faced with the drinking water of Okinawa.

The detailed analysis of the water confirmed a content of minerals and trace elements that was optimally balanced for humans, i.e. very beneficial to health. The answer to the next logical question, what could be responsible for this, was then quickly found: geology.

Okinawa and the entire base of the island are formed by a former coral reef of the Sango sea coral. The natural precipitation takes its long way through the fissured limestone and accumulates in that so particularly healthy composition the many valuable mineral ions and trace elements from the Sango sea coral until the (mineral) water finally fills the drinking water wells, which we could rightly call "fountains of youth" there. The "Okinawa-Centenarian-Study" is a long-term study of 18 years from 1976 to 1994, which dealt exactly with the connection between the drinking water and the high age on Okinawa and could confirm this scientifically.

An attempt to unravel the mystery

Scientific studies or not, what really preoccupied people was the question: Why and how does the Sango Sea Coral of all things contribute significantly to the fact that most people on Okinawa, which, by the way, is only about 600 km south of Nagasaki, have such robust health and easily reach an age of 100 years and more. Of course, we have to take a closer look at the ingredients of the Sango Sea Coral:

It does not work without calcium and magnesium

Sango sea coral contains more than 70 trace elements, of which the alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium make up the lion's share. Due to their high pH, they neutralize almost any hyperacidity of the body with great efficiency. Added to this is their extraordinary bioavailability, which results from the fact that the ratio of calcium to magnesium in Sango Sea Coral is approximately the same as that found in the human body, especially in the bones and blood. As a result, it provides a high level of protection against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress effects and brittle bones. In this respect, one can claim with a clear conscience that of the vast number of mineral supplements on the market, those based on Sango Sea Coral are certainly the highest quality.

Even a small daily dose of just under 5 g of Sango sea coral powder supplies us with 1100 mg of calcium and almost 600 mg of magnesium and thus in principle already exceeds the minimum daily requirement (1000 mg Ca, 400 mg Mg). How important it is to cover this daily requirement of calcium and magnesium, the now following paragraphs should make us aware of:


It is above all our bones and teeth that have already devoured enormous amounts of calcium for their construction, but for their maintenance and permanent regeneration must constantly supply further calcium from food and water. Conversely, it is also true that the bones are our calcium reservoir. Whenever the calcium level in the blood falls below a certain mark, calcium is extracted from the bones to enrich the blood with it. If the calcium level in the blood were to be significantly too low, then we would suffer from extremely severe cramps (tetany).

At this point we must briefly discuss what has already been indicated above: the over-acidification of the organism. Many of our favorite foods such as sausage, meat, cheese, sweets, baked goods and pasta belong to the acid-formers, and it is precisely these that we also consume in excess. The more alkaline vegetables, salads, fruits and sprouts make at best a small garnish on the large cutlet plate. In combination with a lack of exercise, it is then difficult for our body to sufficiently eliminate the many acids that are produced.

A permanently too low pH value in the body promotes all kinds of inflammation, for example rheumatism and autoimmune diseases, the list of which would go beyond the scope here. Our organism knows the connections and tries as best it can to neutralize the acids with the body's own bases. This is also referred to as the "buffering property" of the body, but its dynamics and performance are limited. Finally, the body even goes to the "canned" and uses calcium from the bones to buffer the acid flood. Nature has deliberately set this up for isolated emergencies, and then it works. However, with our type of diet, we have elevated the emergency to a permanent condition, and this has fatal health effects as a result.

But what we can do as a first quick help, without having to completely change our diet, is a sufficient supply of calcium with the help of Sango Sea Coral, so that the body does not have to attack its bones or teeth. In addition, if we provide a surplus of minerals in this simple way, besides the remineralization of bones, teeth and joints, the skin, hair, nails and connective tissue will be stabilized.

For these reasons, Sango sea coral is very well suited to complement deacidification and intestinal cleansing measures and corresponding cures, some of which can also be quite punishing for the organism. In this context, it should also be noted that the minerals of Sango Sea Coral, due to their large internal surface, have an enormous adhesive effect on many toxins, which therefore adhere there and are flushed out of the body with the excess minerals. This is an essential contribution to the detoxification of the body.

Calcium is also found in dairy products

This is true, and therefore we should not do without yogurt, cheese & Co. even when taking the Sang Sea Coral. But what the calcium-rich dairy products lack, for example, is the properly dosed magnesium content, which only the Sango sea coral provides us with in this special mixing ratio. If the supply of calcium from dairy products is too drastic, there is even a risk of a relative undersupply of magnesium. Those who rely exclusively on dairy products with a view to a balanced mineral balance could even generate a mineral deficiency as a result.

A high-quality and at the same time well bioavailable form of calcium and magnesium can be found in seeds such as sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, furthermore in green leafy and cabbage vegetables and precisely in that Sango sea coral.


Magnesium is essential for life and therefore also an increasingly important component of (holistic) therapies, for example for migraine, high blood pressure, chronic pain, diabetes or high cholesterol levels, in the prevention of strokes, heart attacks, osteoporosis or kidney stones. Magnesium deficiency also plays a role in obesity, infertility or asthma. Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, an adequate supply of magnesium is indicated for all processes associated with chronic inflammation.

Magnesium also ensures a higher insulin sensitivity of the cells with the extraordinarily pleasing consequence of the possible regression of diabetes. Magnesium relaxes the ring muscles of the blood vessel walls and therefore has a blood pressure-lowering effect. This then results in a significant reduction in the risk of heart attack and stroke. Incidentally, magnesium is also an "anti-stress mineral". Magnesium deficiency therefore makes itself felt in the form of nervousness, palpitations, insomnia, headaches and also sweating. Long-distance runners, for example, who lose many minerals through sweat, are familiar with these phenomena and therefore always have magnesium tablets to hand.

It all depends on the right combination

If, for example, you only focus on a sufficient supply of calcium in your mineral balance and at the same time pay little attention to magnesium, you may even aggravate any symptoms of illness. A simple experiment that anyone can carry out at home in their kitchen makes the facts plausible:

Take a larger amount of a pure calcium preparation and dissolve it in a glass of water. You will then notice that the calcium does not dissolve completely. Now add a smaller amount of a pure magnesium preparation. The remaining calcium can now dissolve further without any problems. The simultaneous presence of magnesium increases the water solubility of the calcium. Since this also occurs within our body, the intake of magnesium results in a higher bioavailability for calcium. This finding is also used, for example, in the treatment of osteoporosis. Here, too, calcium preparations must always be administered in combination with magnesium.

In this context, we would also like to refer to the study from 2012 with the somewhat longish title: "Dietary coral calcium and zeolite protects bone in a mouse model for postmenopausal bone loss". As a result, this study shows that coral calcium in combination with zeolite was able to significantly halt bone density loss in the women studied who had already gone through menopause.

Calcium and magnesium together are an unbeatable team, and only as such we should offer our body these two minerals. For this reason, the Sango sea coral is an optimal form of delivery.

The rich spectrum of trace elements in Sango sea coral

Man is a natural product and therefore differs only marginally from his environment. It is therefore not surprising that the spectrum of minerals in our bodies is not so far removed from that in seawater. As a consequence, Sango sea coral is a natural source of most vital minerals and essential trace elements, especially iron, chromium, silicon and natural iodine.


This important element is the basic building block of hemoglobin, i.e. the red blood pigment responsible for transporting oxygen to every organ, to every cell and also to the brain. Any undersupply of iron also means an undersupply of oxygen, which first becomes noticeable through fatigue and flabbiness and can then have massive health consequences in the most diverse areas of our body.


This element (from the sand), known mainly for the functioning of solar cells semiconductor elements in electronics, performs important tasks in our body for healthy, shiny hair, for the homogeneous growth of nails,
for a fresh, youthful skin and much more and is therefore considered the "mineral of beauty". It also ensures good elasticity of our bones. An optimal supply of our bones and joints with the necessary minerals, which is provided by the Sango Sea Coral, is the prerequisite for us to be able to move happily and without restrictions even at an older age. At the same time, however, we should also pay attention to a sufficient supply of vitamin D (sunlight) and vitamin K (especially in kale).


Fats and sweet foods are true chromium killers, because they cause the body to excrete more chromium than it can absorb. A lack of chromium manifests itself, for example, through fat deposits in places where muscles should actually be. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels can be normalized by an adequate chromium intake, because chromium also improves the insulin sensitivity of all cells. As blood sugar levels fall, insulin levels also fall to the right level, and the latter in turn regulates blood fat levels.

Also for this reason, many therapists, who are also close to naturopathy, recommend to ensure a sufficient chromium supply in case of high blood lipids or diabetes. With only 2.4 g of Sango sea coral alone, about 10 % of the daily chromium requirement is already covered. The larger remainder can be taken from chromium-rich foods such as legumes, fresh tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, mushrooms and dried dates. In parallel, fatty and sweet foods should be avoided as far as possible.


Our daily iodine requirement is between 150 - 300 micrograms depending on our weight. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women have a slightly higher requirement. Iodine is vital in particular because our thyroid gland produces its hormones from this trace element. A deficiency of thyroid hormones manifests itself in our becoming phlegmatic, lacking appetite, sleepy and listless, and at the same time we gain significant weight.

This is again a good argument for a regular intake of Sango sea coral, which immediately provides natural iodine in the right dosage. In addition, iodine-containing foods such as broccoli, green leafy vegetables, leeks, mushrooms and nuts should not be missing from the diet.

It depends on the ratios of the minerals

At this point, we would like to emphasize once again that although it is possible to take many dietary supplements, including minerals, there is no proven health benefit until all these substances are presented in the correct proportions. Single, completely isolated minerals do not occur in nature, they are unnatural.

Therefore, those who choose Sango Sea Coral need not worry about this question, because its composition is so optimally balanced that its substances can be absorbed by the body almost 1:1. The two main ingredients of Sango Sea Coral, calcium and magnesium, are present in a ratio of 2:1, just as in the human body. In addition, it contains about 70 other minerals and trace elements, also combined in quantity so that they can be optimally absorbed by the human body.

The Sango sea coral is composed like human bone material

This is also good news: Anyone who needs bone or tooth material (for example, implants) can use Sango sea coral as an ideal substitute. Most dental implants, regardless of whether they are made of ceramic or metal, are classified by the organism in most cases as foreign bodies. This does not mean obvious incompatibilities or allergic reactions. If the jawbone is too weak or has already receded, implants are often no longer feasible.

Implants made of Sango sea coral material are not considered by the organism as foreign bodies and complement the drilled-out jawbone in a way as if the holes had been filled with original, endogenous material.

Since this topic is also economically explosive, it has been researched for a long time. As early as the late 1980s, French scientists conducted a study entitled "Comparison of coral resorption and bone apposition with two natural corals of different porosities" with the result that coral implants are slowly resorbed by the body's own bone tissue, and at the same time the resulting defects are replaced by new bone tissue. The scientists interpreted the process in such a way that the coral acts like a scaffold, and the osteoblasts (bone cells) gradually attach themselves to this supporting scaffold, and new endogenous bone is formed in this place.

In 1998, a longer article appeared in a specialist journal for oral and maxillofacial surgery under the title: "Natural coral calcium carbonate as an alternative substitute in bone defects of the skull". The work was carried out at the Polyclinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which is part of the Charité University Hospital in Berlin.

Why is Sango Sea Coral so well absorbed by the human body?

In 2009, the July issue of Pharmazeutische Zeitung reported that inorganic minerals, which include carbonates, for example, can be absorbed by the body to about the same extent as organic minerals, albeit a little more slowly. Most of the calcium and magnesium compounds in Sango Sea Coral are in the form of carbonates.

If one is guided by the bioavailability, i.e. the extent and speed of absorption, the Sango Sea Coral can hardly be clearly assigned to one or the other group. Why is that?

In contact with water, Sango sea coral ionizes instantaneously. In this charged state, the mineral components pass through the gastric mucosa directly into the blood and thus to all body cells. It is precisely because of this rapid and direct transport that Sango Sea Coral is often referred to as the "mineral fire department".

In 1999, a Japanese study entitled: "Calcium absorption from the ingestion of coral-derived calcium by humans" was published. In it, the research group confirms that the minerals of Sango sea coral are miraculously absorbed through the intestinal mucosa much better than other supplements that also consist of carbonate compounds.

It takes only 20 minutes

"Sango Sea Coral" is the title of a book by Reinhard Danne. It states that Sango Sea Coral, or the calcium it contains, can be detected in the blood within 20 minutes after oral ingestion. Its bioavailability is measured at approximately 90 %. By comparison, other calcium carbonate-based supplements achieve a bioavailability of 20 to 40 percent.

Is this the end of coral reefs?

First of all, it is important to note that live coral reefs are not even considered for mining Sango sea coral. Nor is the geological base of the island of Okinawa removed by blasting. What is being used here, strictly controlled by the state, are merely fragments of coral reefs that have already detached naturally without human intervention and are now found scattered on the seabed around the island. If these were not collected, then these fragments would decay over time to lime sand.

Is Sango Sea Coral also suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Well, the Sango sea coral was indeed once an animal, but in individual cases today celebrates its 100 millionth death anniversary. Remaining from the polyp are only archaic unidentifiable parts of its skeleton without any organic component. We think to be able to answer the above question in good conscience with an unequivocal YES. In addition, the absence of meat may also be accompanied by a reduced intake of certain minerals. Sango sea coral provides a healthy balance in this case as well.

Application and dosage

Sango Sea Coral is offered for oral ingestion in various forms:

  • Water soluble powder for drinking
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Sango tabs can be dissolved in the mouth or chewed

The best effect is achieved when the intake of small portions is distributed as evenly as possible throughout the day, and plenty of still water should be drunk with it. Mineral water is not well suited because it causes a significant shift in the mineral spectrum, and chemical reactions or at least unfavorable charge shifts between the minerals of the mineral water and the Sango Sea Coral could also occur.

On an epilogue:
The life expectancy of people in Western countries, including Germany, is rising steadily. We owe this to a balanced diet and good medical care. But we have by no means reached our limit; the "island of the centenarians" shows us what is still possible. Of course, we want to grow old, but what is even more important: we want to healthy grow old. And that's exactly what Sango Sea Coral is all about: because of stable health, it allows even the centenarian to have a high quality of life with good mobility and clear mind. Let's drink a good sip of filtered water with Sango Sea Coral!

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