Skin care in Korean in ten steps

Step 1 - Cleansing oil for make-up removal
Care and dirty skin are mutually exclusive. Therefore, the first and most important step is to clean the skin very thoroughly, so that the care products later have the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the pores at all. A well-known and common method of facial cleansing is to soak a cotton pad or cleansing tissue in a makeup remover in order to first get rid of the sometimes quite stubborn and water-insoluble old makeup. But this procedure is tedious and not always successful. This problem has been solved by modern oil-based cleaners. Only small amounts of each of these are required. Your face is thus gently and reliably cleaned by circular, massaging movements with your hand.
Step 2 - "Aka Cleansing Foam" is a water-based cleansing foam.
After the initial basic cleansing of the face, Korean cosmetics provide for deep cleansing with a water-based "cleansing foam", which, among other things, also completely removes the residues of any cleansing oil that may have been used previously. Only then is there a perfectly cleansed skin.Step 3 - The exfoliation removes the dead skin cells
Peels and the so-called "exfoliations" are particularly efficient for a radiantly beautiful face, but they are also a temporarily high stress for the skin, so you should not schedule these procedures every day. A really good compromise is to perform peels twice a week. If, after a deep pore cleansing of the skin, the dead skin cells are also removed, nutrients and care products penetrate all the deeper into the skin.


Step 4 - Care with "Toner Aka Facial Toner".
The actual care only begins at this point with toner, which you either drip directly into your hands or apply to the facial skin with the help of a cotton pad, using massaging movements and little pressure. The toner contributes to a neutral pH of the skin and prepares it for the skin care steps that follow. You can think of the effect as being similar to that of a sponge. By moistening it very slightly, the sponge becomes softer and can thus absorb more water than a completely dry hard sponge.

Step 5 - The "Essence" is the heart of Korean care
As a "hybrid" of toner and serum, the Essence does two jobs at once. The essential goal of the Essence is to stimulate cell renewal by providing sufficient moisture, thus initiating a general overhaul of the skin. With regard to the content of nutrients, the Essence is of course individually tailored to the respective skin type to ensure maximum deep absorption by the skin as far as possible.

Step 6 - Serums, boosters and ampoules for different skin types
These products are only used after the Essence, because they are to be matched even more specifically to the skin type at hand in order to finally fulfill the still open wishes. What is meant here is the lightening of individual dark pigmentations, the closing of excessively large pore spaces, the smoothing of wrinkles and, in general, a general improvement in the skin's appearance.

Step 7 - Sheet Masks and Wash Off Masks
Above we talked about the Essence as the heart of Korean skin care. But the heart also needs a soul and that is precisely the masks. As a meditative skin care component, they bring us the necessary inner peace to finally be able to enjoy our beauty ourselves. While our skin slowly absorbs a wide variety of active ingredients, we pause for 20 minutes and perhaps reflect a bit on the meaning of life or other profound thoughts. This can happen two or three times a week. We also have a wide range of ingredients to choose from when it comes to masks. We are allowed to experiment a bit here.

Step 8 - Special attention to the eye areas
The skin regions around the eyes are particularly sensitive and therefore require special care. This definitely includes an extra portion of moisture as well as efficient protection against stressful environmental influences. If we choose a protective cream for this purpose, for example, we should dab it gently onto these areas of skin and not rub it in forcefully.

Step 9 - Moisturizer must be
Many different gels, emulsions or face creams have been developed for the optimal moisturizing of each skin type. For stressed or dry skin, you should apply a so-called "Sleeping Pack" once a week overnight. This is a special mask to revitalize and hydrate your facial skin.

Step 10 - Last, not least: Sunscreen with SPF
The abbreviation in this case stands for "Sun Protection Factor". As much as we like to spend time in the warming sun, it really is no friend of our skin. On the contrary, it is essential to protect the face from intense UV radiation, as any dermatologist will tell you. Thus, avoiding sun radiation is an essential part of Asian skin care. Even when the sky is cloudy, high-energy ultraviolet rays still reach the earth's surface. For this reason, you should always prevent possible skin damage with a sunscreen. The emulsion-type sunscreen (cream or fluids) is always the last step after the face cream.