Should you give up breakfast?

Here, too, it always depends on the person. Many children and adults simply do not want to eat anything in the morning. If so, you should also follow your own intuition and can do without breakfast. Other people, on the other hand, can hardly start the day without a breakfast and in no case want to do without this meal. So you can't answer this question for all people.

People who have to do without breakfast, even though it is the most important meal of the day for them, will struggle with stress. In any case, these people should still be allowed to eat breakfast and do not automatically need to skip the meal. All those to whom breakfast is not so important anyway can, of course, safely do without it.

The decisive factor is also how much is eaten. Are we talking about an extensive breakfast like an emperor or a small meal in the morning? So you see, the matter is not as simple as you might think. In general, one should always do what is good for you and follow your own intuition!