Difference between Korean Skin Care and Western Skin Care

How does Korean skin care work?
Korean skin care is a little different from what Westerners give their skin. While we often only care for our skin when there are noticeable problems, in the Far East prevention is the focus of all care measures.

Korean skin care daily routine

All over the world, children are taught the importance of hygiene from a young age. This includes brushing their teeth, taking a daily shower or bath, and washing their hands regularly. In Korea, skin care is also included in this daily routine. Even children take the time and make the effort to carefully care for their skin every day. For example, they check their skin moisture, cleanse the skin and apply a cream with a sun protection factor.

The Korean method of double purification

Koreans cleanse their skin in two steps. This method is designed to thoroughly yet gently remove impurities from the skin as well as the remnants of makeup. To do this, Koreans first massage in an oil-based cleansing product to loosen makeup residue and excess sebum. Then they apply a cleansing foam to remove dirt and flakes of skin. As a result, the face is completely cleansed, the pores are clean, and the skin is smooth.

Korean cosmetics: skin care vs. make-up

Unlike many European and North American women, Koreans generally do not cover up their skin problems with makeup. They always try to find the reason for a skin irritation. They then eliminate it by applying certain skin care products. In Korea, they place a lot of importance on the complexion, so there are many consultation centers for skin problems. Koreans who suffer from skin problems take them very seriously. The well-groomed and healthy skin with pure, smooth and radiant appearance is considered highly desirable in the Far Eastern country.

Korean cosmetics deep hydration

Flawless skin is not the only beauty criterion for Koreans. Of course, the skin should appear firm and radiant, but in addition, it must also appear well moisturized. This ideal differs from the ideas in the West: In our hemisphere, an oil-free, matte and rather dry-looking complexion is considered optimal. Koreans use a generously applied moisturizer for their preferred complexion. This hydrates the skin down to the depths, which at the same time makes small wrinkles disappear. Well-moisturized skin is definitely very healthy, which is why we can learn something from this Korean ideal.

Korean layering technique

The layering technique is very popular among Korean beauty enthusiasts. In this process, several skin care steps are performed one after the other. Each of these steps prepares the skin for the next. Different products are used, which creates synergistic effects in skin care. The many steps fulfill the simple purpose of providing the skin with optimal care. It is prepared in several steps, then treated, hydrated and protected. This causes effective regeneration of the skin, a wonderful complexion and improved skin health.